Living in the Real World

Think about a typical day for you.  How much of your time is spent wishing you would have done something differently?  How much time is spent wondering what will happen in the future? If you spend a good portion of your time doing either of these things, you are not living in the real world.  Neither of these things are happening now. Now is the real world.  The only thing that you can be certain of, and have some influence upon, is what is happening in this moment.

Everyone has things in their past they wish they would have done in a different way.  No amount of time you spend beating yourself up will change what has already happened.  Accept what has happened, figure out what your life lesson is from that experience, and move on.   Who you are can not be defined by what you have done, right or wrong.   It is what you learned from the experience and how you move forward that matters.

Thinking about the future can be exciting, or it can create stress depending on your current life circumstances.  It is necessary to have smart goals and have a plan to achieve them.  For this reason you must think of the future in order to develop your action plan.  Determine how you will accomplish your goals.  However, if you spend all of your time in planning mode, without action, this moment will pass by and you will have lost a chance to move forward.  Again, it is what you do now that matters.  No amount of ambition will get you to your desired outcome without motivation and action.

Thinking of the future can also cause stress.  Perhaps you are concerned about the consequences from your quality of work, or the way you handled a conversation.   Worrying will not change the outcome.  The outcome is already unfolding and was set in motion by your past actions.  Always do your best and handle yourself with grace and dignity.  These things will help you avoid having to worry about the outcome of your actions.

The current economy has forced us to wonder what will happen in the future.  Many people have been laid off and are looking for work.  Personally, I can relate to this as my husband was laid off from a real estate development.  Yes, thinking that it could be quite some time before he finds a new job is stressful.

We do not let ourselves focus on this.  When we are stressed we do not think clearly.  Everyday we do our best.  He networks, applies for jobs and stays current on events.  That is what we can control.  When a person gives up and lets worry overtake them, opportunities are missed and relationships deteriorate.  Embrace today,  do what you need to do, and enjoy your friends and family.

If you have not seen the You Tube video called “Get Back Up”, watch it now.  It provides a healthy dose of perspective, and tremendous inspiration.

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    Temja said,

    I love reading this . It is true some times I am very stressed. I have two kids and I miss my family ,but this web makes a difference.

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