Change is one of the only things in life that is certain.  Change will happen. It comes when you are ready and looking for it.  It also comes when you least expect it.  Without change it would be impossible for any of us to move forward in life.  There would be no lessons to learn, and nothing for us to anticipate.  Personally, I embrace change.  Even when I’m blindsided, turned upside down, and left wondering what hit me, I embrace change.  My philosophy is that it is time for me to move on.  I have learned, or experienced, everything I need at this point in time and have received a huge push to the next destination.

There is a tremendous amount of change happening right now.  Some people fear change, and some people thrive on it.  I understand that change cannot be controlled, not in the organic sense.   You can attempt to control your life and map out a plan, however change will come when you least expect it.  Change makes life interesting.  I allow it to work in my life.  When looking at my history, I see that change has never led me wrong.   I always land on my feet, in a better set of circumstances, in better company.  Sometimes it is impossible to see that while I’m in the flow.   However, during the post mortem it is clear that change was for the best.

Change happens in our personal relationships, our careers, our location, ideals, and dreams.  Nothing can remain the same forever, including people.  I’ve witnessed friends that are clinging to a relationship which has played out.   This is painful to watch as someone is always left holding the bag and wondering what happened.  To an outside observer it is easy to give advice that it is time for the person to move on.  This advice is sometimes best left unsaid because that person is resisting change and not ready to receive the lesson waiting for them.   I often think of the saying, “Don’t push the river.”  When the river is coming full force, there is nothing you can do to hold it back.  It is impossible to control circumstances or people’s emotions.

It is a waste of energy to cling desperately to current circumstances when you know change is beating down your door.  Instead of scaring yourself worrying about the worst case scenario and losing sleep and productivity, what would happen if you surrendered to change and focused all your energy on a new outcome?  When I allow stress and fear to rule, I do not think clearly or make wise decisions.  I’ve learned to be proactive, not reactive.  When I do not like what has happened, I still embrace it.  I then focus on the new opportunities that have opened and choose to move forward.   Always move forward.  You cannot change the past; choose to live in the present.   When you don’t know what to do, then just do the next thing.  Sometimes problems seem so big that we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.  When you do the next thing, you move forward wisely and can see the new doors that are opening for you.

When you experience unwelcome change, see it for what it is,  an opportunity for a new experience.  You may not think you are ready for what is coming, but you are.  You will find the rewards if you trust the process.  Keep moving forward.  Change is good.


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    Caroline said,

    Brandy, This is great! I feel like it is written especially for me, for the current situation I am in. I love the quote ” I always land on my feet, in a better set of circumstances, in better company.” That statement holds so much truth about life, what we hold on to is holding us under.

  2. 2

    lora said,

    where was this post two years ago when I was desperate to hear it!?!

    this is fantastic!

    • 3

      Brandy Herron said,

      Thank you for the comment. It’s great to receive affirmation that my ramblings aren’t in vain.
      I’ve enjoyed reading your blog too.

      Have a good week!

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