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Thank you Nydia Mata of  Polymer Clay Snails.  Please visit her blog and learn about life as a single mom in the city.  Nydia is witty and has posted a funny look at what will happen to Dora the Explorer since her makeover.

Nydia Mata

Nydia Mata

I’m a single-mom to a 4 year-old little boy I adore.  His name is Aidyn (if you haven’t noticed — his name is my name spelled backward … cool, huh lol).  So I discovered that there were Mom’s out there that blogged and decided that I love my son and I love to write so *BAM* a blog was born.  So, it’s basically just me and my baby … looking to conquer the world … one episode of SpongeBob at a time .

I found myself so very excited to be a guest blogger on Tier1 Living that I ran into a little blogger’s block. I decided that since the weather was perfect again, I’d skip the train and walk the 31 blocks home … Actually, I always walk home in the Spring/Summer seasons … It’s great exercise,  a nice way to check out NYC and thousands before me have used these very streets for inspiration
and now so will I …

So, I’m walking here … trying to think of a way not to disgrace my first guest blogging job when …

I pass a woman petting a dog … Wait! … She’s not just petting the dog, she’s damn near sodomizing it … I can understand ones love of dogs but do you have to make out with it … Wait! … that’s not even your dog??

So I continue on my way … trying to decide: should I write an open letter? or a witty entry? when …

I pass three young men who’s pants are hanging down just below their butts … I think to myself: Do you guys have to wear your pants that low?  I mean, how on earth do they even stay up?!  It just defies all laws of gravity!

I let out a sigh … switch the song on my iPhone to John Mayer … Perfect … now I’m relaxing and my attention is back to the blog entry when …

Omigod they closed Dunken Donuts!  B..B..But when did that happen!  Where will all the happy little Boston Creme and Jelly Donut’s live now?! I’m not gonna cry!!  I am not going to cry …

I shake off the shock, take a deep breath and return my attention to my entry.  Ok so I’m concentrating on the wonderful post I’m going to create when …

I hear some shouting over the “concert loud” music playing in my ears.  Uh oh! Someone’s in trouble with a traffic cop.  These are the worse people to mess with.  Traffic cops are cops that have settled for less and they walk around with a chip on their shoulders just waiting … waiting! … for someone to give them a reason …

Thank goodness that’s over … I decide to use the WordPress app on my iPhone to maybe jar up some inspiration by writing down some random stuff … I’m writing away when …

I damn near eat it big time as I’m quickly reminded that it’s never a good idea to type and walk at the same time …

I shut down my iPhone’s WordPress app and stick the phone back in my pocket … Frustrated, I wonder: Why can’t I just focus on one thing!  Oh I know! I’m on the verge of a perfect topic when …

I happen upon two of the most gorgeous cops – this planet has ever seen!  It’s like my calendar just spontaneously came to life.  I think to myself, “Hello Officer January … Officer March! God, I love a man in uniform … Do come serve and protect me anytime, fellas!”

Feeling all warm and fuzzy, I turn back to Tier1 Living!  I just can’t completely bomb my first time guest blogging … So how do I make this blog entry completely genius?  I’m gathering up some great idea’s when …

I’m almost run down by a jogger … Aww, she’s all fit and everything … I wish I could go out and get some exercise … The baby keeps me busy but somehow all his treats and cookies find themselves on my plate!  Note to self: back to the gym, STAT!

Hey I know! I decide I’ll write something witty about my love/hate relationship with weight and food when …

Ewww … Someone disagreed that streets are for walking …
and pee’d on it instead …

Now, there is no way I can concentrate on food after smelling that!  I’m panicking now, thinking I’m going to totally fudge my first guest blog post when …

I see a couple of bushy-tailed squirrels playing around on a tree and fence … I stop for a moment thinking, “How cute!  I wanna play … and partake of their game …

(Snapping back to reality): But I can’t play!  I have to concentrate on what topic I’ll write about … I’m surmising how Brandy’s never going to invite me back to guest blog when …


Back to my guest blog … Surely there is something that this city can inspire me to write about!

Ooooo cupcakes! … Look away!! Keep walking!

I’m in silent hysterics now and wondering: Jeez! this city is so distracting! when …

Finally!  I’m home … maybe now I can sit down and really start thinking about what to write!


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  1. 1

    Rebecca said,

    What a fantastic quest blog post……….and I really embrace the whole notion of trying to think of something brilliant to write about when I’m stepping over great topics all the time.
    And no, I don’t get making out with the dog, or pants riding down to their knees either. It makes me want to walk up to people and say, “Umm, can I ask you a question because I’m completely baffled by this behaviour”
    Thanks for the fun and pointing me in the right direction Nydia.
    P.S. that is very cool about your sons name and your own! That is wordsmithing of the best kind

  2. 2

    Bea said,

    Fantastic, Most New Yorkers walk with their jaded heads down just getting from point A to point B, but you take it all in, the good, the bad and the down right crazy. That’s what makes you such a gifted writer. Looking forward to more entries.


  3. 3

    Mill said,

    Absolute genius-ness!!!!!! I’m happy that you are finally doing something you love that other people enjoy as well! Great entry that goes with a great blog! Cant wait to read more, I’m sure more guest spots will come!!! Lub u! LOL =P…and I’m not say thins because you forced me to leave a comment!!! LOL, just kidding!

  4. 4

    David said,

    Awesome blog baby. But Officer January and March? Really?

  5. 5

    cherise said,

    Nydia you rock! And I mean that honestly..not because I’m your friend lol. I always enjoy reading what ever you write because I know it’s going to be insightful and witty..sometimes downright hilarious! You have a gift..please continue to nurture it and share it with the world. Aidyn is such a lucky young man to have you as his mommy!

  6. 6

    Nydia… you are brilliant!

    Captivating post, hysterical for me on this Friday morning when all I’m thinking about is how to let my boss live.

    The joggers one had me in stitches! I’m lovin’ it!

    Thanks for the laugh, thanks for the inspiration, sometimes posts aren’t all orderly…our thoughts are as sporadic as the streets of New York… walking the 21 blocks might be worth it.

    This Sunday I might have to join you in this venture… walking the streets of Downtown Denver alone and see what I can come up with.

    Good luck on your guest posts…. she’ll keep you… your are a funny girl!

  7. 7

    polymerclaysnails said,

    YEA!! Thanks sooo very much, Brandy … I’d love to guest blog for you again … You and your blog are wonderful!!!

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