An important aspect of living the life you want is to HAVE FUN. Life is full of moments to celebrate; important occasions and impromptu gatherings with friends. Make time to be social. The more time you spend with the people who are important to you, the more you learn about yourself and about life.

Here you will find lifestyle resources. High quality websites that bring you value, creative ideas and unique offerings.

It is good for your spirit to laugh and enjoy your life. Spend time with friends, plan special gatherings for family. Enjoy the fun things that come with life. Laugh with others, laugh at yourself. As the philosopher and psychologist, William James, said, “We don’t laugh because we’re happy, we are happy because we laugh.”

On the topic of quality of life, I stated that “for some people material possessions are the definition of quality of life”. Having a lot of “things” will not bring you happiness. However, there is nothing wrong with having things you like. You must understand that if you are not happy, buying “things” will not fix your troubles. I believe the adage of quality over quantity.

One thing that brings me joy is to plan a party. Adding the little touches that will make a party special for others makes me happy. A great resource for fabulous parties is – inspirations for celebrating life.  You will find creative, complete party plans that make entertaining easy.

I also enjoy cool gear for babies and kids. I visit Ohana Mama and Mom Dot. I like unique products, and these sites search the web for the best. Great gifts for others and for yourself.

Check back frequently as I will continue to bring you lifestyle resources. Do you have a recommendation? Contact me and submit your suggestion.



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