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Mommy Needs a Time Out

Welcome to Michelle Hoad of

Michelle is my first guest blogger.  She has a positive attitude, is really funny and has learned that taking care of herself is the most important part of being a great mom.   Thank you for your contribution Michelle.

My name is Michelle, I am a former stay at home, homeschooling mom turned divorcee caring for four kids on my own, turned blended family, work at home, wife of a fireman real estate agent with seven kids.  If it sounds crazy, you should have tried living it.  I believe in living your life to the fullest and never regretting anything.  I love my life and I wouldn’t have changed a thing.  I think that finding the humor in even the most mundane things in our lives is one of the keys to my happiness.  Not that there is much in our house that is mundane.  Seven kids under the age of 15 make things very interesting.

Michelle Hoad

Michelle Hoad

Mommy Needs a Time Out

I was 37 years old when I finally decided what I wanted to be when I grew up.  Of course, that is assuming that I am grown up.  At times, I still feel like a 13 year old girl, trapped in the body of a slightly chubby, 30something mom with too many stretch marks and grey hairs.  Then I finally realize that the crazy woman hollering at seven kids is me.

I am stunned at times to realize how fast the past 25 years have gone by, but how long it took me to decide on a career path.  I don’t feel like what I do defines who I am, but I wanted to find a career that I enjoyed doing.  Time I spend away from my family has to be fulfilling to me.  For so many years, I focused all of my time and attention on my children.  So much so, that my first marriage ended.  Not paying attention to his needs or to my needs caused a huge rift in our marriage.

I felt that I could spend time on myself and my interests later, when all the kids are grown.  By ignoring myself, I often felt tired, worn out and short tempered.  There were times when I was just one cranky lady.  To me, giving all my time to everyone else was what I was supposed to do.  Taking time for myself was taking time away from my kids and that was virtually child abuse.  I mean, what kind of woman allows herself to go out with her friends and spend time away from her kids.  A sane woman, that’s who.

When I take time for myself, I am more patient and calm when caring for my kids.  Giving yourself permission to do what makes you happy is important, whether you craft, exercise, scrapbook, write, or just sit in a coffee shop with a good book for an hour.   Don’t just take what time is left over, schedule time and covet it like you covet your neighbor’s brand new 2009 loaded Suburban.  Sorry, maybe that’s just me.

It doesn’t matter if you are a working mom, taking a short stop to decompress after a hard day at work, or a stay at home mom who has been with her precious little screaming heathens all day long, we all need a little mom time.  You will find that giving your kids some time without you will make them appreciate you a little more.  They will come to realize that mom is more than the maid, cook and boo boo kisser.

They will learn that yes, Dad can do those things and more.  He might do them a little differently than mom, but that’s ok.  No, really, it is.  Going to bed without a bath for one night will not cause irreparable damage to their delicate little psyches.  The most important thing is taking time to recharge your batteries so you can be the best mom you can be.


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