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You are not defined by your history, but by who you aspire to be.
Not by what you have done, but by the best of who you are.
Do not be trapped by your past.
Allow the promise of the future to guide your way.
Embrace your potential. It is all that matters.
~Brandy Herron


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Yesterday I was pondering a passage in one of my favorite books.  Dan Millman’s “Law of Spirit”.  There are many people in my life that are currently affected by uncertainty and are being driven down a new path, whether they like it or not. Perhaps you are experiencing this as well, so I would like to share this message with you.

This passage is from the chapter The Law of Surrender.

Some think it’s holding on

that makes one strong;

sometimes it’s letting go.

~Sylvia Robinson

“Have you ever noticed how flowing water is soft yet powerful?  Yielding, forceful, flexible, it surrenders to gravity without resistance, adapting to the shape of any container.  Water reveals the most intelligent and powerful response you can make in any circumstance….Surrender.”

“The Law of Surrender means accepting whatever happens in your life, it does not mean passive toleration for what you don’t like, or ignoring injustice, or allowing yourself to be victimized or controlled.  True surrender is active, positive, assertive–a creative commitment to make use of your situation, in a spirit of appreciation.”

“…this law guides you to surrender to the moment–to accept whatever arises, including your response to whatever arises.  It means accepting not only life’s ups and downs, but also accepting yourself–your body, your thoughts, and your feelings.”

“…life doesn’t always give us what we prefer, so our desires lead to attachment, anxiety, and frustration.  Following your small will may lead to temporary satisfaction, but not to lasting happiness.  When you see clearly that life is not only about getting what you want, but also about learning to want what you get, you’ll align your life with the Law of Surrender.”

These words inspire me to embrace every situation life brings to me as a learning experience.  How I emerge sets the tone for the next situation.  I have no regrets.  Everywhere I have been and everything I’ve done has brought me to where I am today.  Today prepares me for tomorrow.  Resistance to change will not stop it from happening, it only prevents you from clearly seeing the potential of where you are.

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